Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

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Barre - A class designed to lengthen muscles into a dancer body. This ballet class will tighten your core working at the barre and on the mat. Pilates and ballet fuse together to strengthen and tone the body.

Barre Infused Pilates - A traditional mat -based Pilates class that also utilizes the ballet barre, Bender Balls, bands and body weight to focus on core and gluteal strength.

Body Weight Boot Camp - This class uses only your own body weight and resistance to sculpt the entire body while challenging the core and lengthening muscles. Ballet barre, bosus, resistance equipment, and mats will be used.

Cardio Combat Conditioning - A kickboxing class with cardio intervals, no -contact kick and punch combinations, boot camp style/athletic drills and strength exercises!  Gym floor

Cardio Pump - A class that combines our traditional Muscle Pump strength builder with cardio intervals.

Double Trouble - A half/half combination of a classic aerobic workout (high/low impact) and a classic step workout. This class ends with toning exercises.

Fit F.L.O.W. - (Functional Link to Optimum Wellness) - This class is focused on building body strength and balance through a wide variety of formats including Yoga, Pilates, and Muscle Pump while using resistance tools and weights.

Hard Core - A challenging class designed to target core muscles and shrink the waistline. Ab -flattening Pilates, strength exercises, and core -challenging cardio will tone abs, shoulders, hips, and glutes.

Krunch ‘n Kore - 10 minutes of challenging abdominal and back exercises that include traditional crunches and innovative core strengthening techniques.

Lifting For Life - This class will increase strength as you build and tone muscles in a total body conditioning class that is perfect for our senior and beginner members. Balance exercises will be included as well.

Muscle Pump - This traditional conditioning class will challenge, strengthen, and re -define your body using equipment like resistance tools, weights, balls, and gliders.

Muscle Pump ‘n More - This class combines the traditional Muscle Pump with cardio intervals.

Pilates Power Time - A traditional mat -based Pilates class that incorporates powerful new core moes to flatten the abs and strengthen the shoulders, obliques, hips, and glutes.

Piloga - Get the total body benefits of both Pilates and Yoga in this fantastic fusion class.

POUND® -This class is a full -body cardio workout combining light resistance with simulated drumming. It fuses cardio, Pilates, strength, plyometrics, and isometric poses.

Ripped Cardio - A class that combines cardio sets of all formats including sports drills, boot camp, kickboxing, and tabata. In between cardio sets are intervals of strength exercises.

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SilverSneakers®Classic - This is a chair based class focusing on muscular strength and range of movement.Low -impact aerobics, yoga stretch, and balance are incorporated throughout class.

Sizzlin’ Sport Camp - A class focusing on sports cardio drills and athletic power moves to strengthen the entire body while increasing cardiovascular endurance.

Special Summer Sizzler – Each week will work with different equipment to sculpt, tone, and strengthen the entire body. This non -traditional class is designed to change up your workout routine and boost metabolism.

Spin & Sculpt – A spin class that will use intervals of cycle drills with muscle sculpting off the bike to give participants both cardio and conditioning.

Spinergy - A cycle class that uses high -energy interval training and popular music to set the pace for this group workout.

Spin Party - A cycle class that uses a variety of drills and sets to maximize the calorie -burning with an emphasis on working out in a fun and challenging group.

Spin Sweatshop - A cycle class that uses jumps, runs, and climbs that will increase the conditioning level and cardio workout.

Step Expression - This class is a traditional step workout that combines cardio exercises with choreography that keeps you on yo your toes. This class ends with toning exercises.

Strength Infused Yoga - This yoga class warms up the body with stretching, but focuses on yoga poses designed to strengthen the body through challenging yoga flows. Yoga poses will be held for toning and balance.

Super Sports Cardio – A class that uses sport drills and strength exercises for a total body workout. Class may go outdoors, weather permitting.

Tabata and Tone – This class starts with 30 minutes of high -intensity cardio in a tabata style and ends with 15 minutes of traditional Muscle Pump conditioning.

Tay-bata Time - This 30 minute cardio class challenges your metabolism by working the body at your top intensity for 20 seconds, resting for 10, and repeating.

Yoga Flex - A yoga class that will increase your flexibility and improve posture and balance. Yoga poses and flows will focus on breathing, relaxation, and range of motion.

Young @ Heart - This low impact, low intensity, floor aerobics class is perfect for our active and ageless senior population.

Young @ Heart Yoga - Yoga geared to the senior population with specific emphasis on improving balance and increasing flexibility.

Zumba® - A dance class that combines a workout of cardio and toning moves set to high -energy music. It is a total body workout with a party atmosphere.

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